In the course of a manufacturing process, contamination and impurities can come in many forms and cause significant defects during subsequent processing and storage. The cleaning of these parts is necessary to maintain the integrity of the final product and the productivity of the process. Cadillac Oil has developed a full line of cleaners that meet the demands of today’s stringent requirements while maintaining excellent environmental and safety profiles.

Ferrous & Multi-Metal Cleaner
Cleaner + Rust Preventative

Ferrous & Multi-Metal Cleaner

Depending upon the application and metallurgy of the parts being washed we carry a wide-range of water based cleaners with or without rust preventative properties to meet any application.  Our water based parts washer cleaners can be used in a variety of concentrations and temperatures while maintaining their effectiveness and low foam characteristics in barrel, single stage, and multi-stage washers. These cleaners were developed to remove a large variety of industrial fluids and contaminates seen throughout the industry.



  • Low foam
  • Used solutions break rapidly for waste removal
  • Performs in both hard and soft water
  • Free rinsing
  • Excellent environmental and safety profile
  • Built-in inhibitors, providing additional corrosion protection for rinsed and un-rinsed parts

Cleaner + Rust Preventative

Our all-purpose cleaners are formulated with recycling capabilities and are recommended for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They  leave a non-tacky rust preventative film when it dried which is  free rinsing and is easily removed for assembly operations. This series of products work excellent in spray and immersion washers for removal of metal chips, smut, carbon, oil and films of metalworking fluids. These products effective as a soak or as a vibratory washer fluid.