Food Grade Lubricants


Lubricants play an integral roll in the manufacturing of food-grade containers, whether the contact is incidental or direct. Cadillac has developed a line of release agents and coatings for the aluminum segment of this industry and is proud to also offer kosher-certified products.

Aluminum Rolling Mill

Aluminum Rolling Mill

Cadroll brand of products are forming lubricants and release agents used in the production of aluminum food containers. They are light in color, have little or no odor, excellent oxidation stability and are chemically free from lauric acid or its precursors so that they are not subject to soapy, off-flavor development. The additive package gives excellent cooling and lubrication in the metal reduction process with minimal evaporation loss. Range of products are available that vary in melt point for ease of application. These series of products meet the requirements of 21 CFR 178.3910 and are also kosher.