Inventing Since 1921

Every Cadillac Oil team member shares our core values : hard working, resourceful and professional. Over the past century, we have collectively harnessed these attributes to develop new technology and processes, resolve intricate customer challenges and build tremendous loyalty. As we look to our next century, these core values will remain intact, embraced and an integral part of our culture.


Cadillac Oil Company was established by Mr. Clair Bryant in 1921. The company’s headquarters, manufacturing facility and research laboratory are located on a three-acre campus in Detroit, Michigan.

All formulation, development and production of a complete line of metalworking and metal-forming chemistries as well as industrial lubricants and greases are performed at this location. Additional attributes include ISO 9001 Certification, Kosher Certification, a fleet of bulk delivery vehicles and a fully enclosed railroad connection. Production quantities range from 5 gallons to 7,000 gallons and storage capacity totals nearly 1 million gallons. The company remains independent and family-held.


ISO 9001 Certified
Kosher Certified